Décor Your Outdoor Living Space With Teak Patio Furniture

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Known as king of wood, teaks are most durable natural wood products which are available on the markets nowadays. This piece could keep well even if left outdoor. This is guaranteed long life frequently up to 75 years. Since no others wood species assure this quality, teak patio furniture is favorite option every time. The durability, elegance, and naturalness make this material known as one of most valued items for home interiors. Although the price is pretty expensive, the demands of this item increases every day.

Commonly, teak patio furniture models include some items such as dining tables, benches, sofas, dining chairs, bar chairs, steamers, bar tables, and many others. Used for commercial or residential purposes, this item could be blend of some materials like black metals, steel, and many others. As the weathers get colder, most of homeowners worry about keep these outdoor pieces. No matter what the weather conditions are, this model could withstand it, that is others reason why this is in such higher demands.

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Choosing the right model

For better appearances, this item requires cleaning which could be done with soft brushes or pads as well as some mild, warm detergents. To preserve natural colors for longer times, the wider varieties of wood oils are available in markets. Good to hear, this outdoor item could be custom designed by expert craftsman to cater the individual tastes. Today, there are easy kits which are available widely on the markets. The curved edges, sturdy body, and trendy models are several factors to consider as buying these items.

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Teak Patio Furniture Care

Outdoor living space is the part of house that is not exactly inside the houses. Yet, it is generally favorite spot with most of family members. Either it is used to enjoy the summer evenings breeze, relax after hard day works, or only spend some times with families, outdoor living space is surely gift to people who could afford one. With the thought of outdoor space, the next consideration which comes in minds is some items and accessories for the places. Luckily, there are numerous varieties offered. However, teak patio furniture is the best choice.

Actually, these items have certain elegances that look unique. It can add the graces to the exterior of your house décor. Yet, more essentially, this material is much more durable than the others species. In the earlier days, it is a favorite with royalties. By means of maintenance, it needs minimum requirements. Because of the oil in it, this wood is safe from wood worm and natural decay. Teak patio furniture varieties have beautiful understated sheens that make it favorite choice.

Furthermore, it comes on various forms. The homeowners could set up complete dining spaces on outdoor areas with chairs, dining tables, bar stools, and bar tables. You could also create more living room atmospheres on outdoor living spaces by selecting coffee table combined with chairs and benches. You could go for single chair or the luxury lounge.

Also, you could select the shades depend on your personalities. You could get this item in its natural honey colors or warm rich glowing shades of brown. Some of people will like the naturals coating of patinas. Due to being exposed on longer hours in the suns, it can turn to be silvery gray shades. It is called as patina coatings. There are lots of people who prefer patinas as this is easiest to maintain. For those who want warm rich glows, you would have to oil these pieces. If you desire the patinas for being there, all you have to do is only clean them with 2:1 mixture of laundry bleach and detergent and mixed with water. Use soft bristled brushes for cleaning them. Ensure you have washed them off with enough water for removing the whole traces of dirt and soaps.

Besides, there is specialized cleaner to clean those pieces look much better. By doing this regularly, it can keep them clean and would allow the patinas for developing well. However, for those who want to remove the patinas, you could use commercially cleaner which are available on the market. It is made for removing the silvery grays coatings. No matter the look you desire for teak patio furniture, make sure that it can blend with others décor.

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A good patio offers you double benefits for the outdoor area. The first, it comes to serve you comfort and the second it also brings you function. Both aspects can be perfectly given to you by the existence of wood patio furniture. With comfortable patio furniture such as chairs, tables, umbrella and others, the patio will be highly functional. According to this fact, it is necessary to choose only best wooden furniture to be placed in your outdoor patio. Unfortunately only few people put this into their concern as many of them place random patio furniture. Don’t make the same mistake and find out how to choose best one.

How to Choose Best Wood Patio Furniture for Long Term Use

How important is it to pay much attention on wood furniture for the patio? Let’s say, the furniture will be functioned to complement your relaxing time in the outdoor. Surely you expect comfort, which can only be given by high quality furniture. Not to mention the patio furnishing is also able to decorate the patio itself. Besides, outdoor furniture is somewhat different with indoor furniture. It requires you to pay certain attention to this aspect.

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So, how to choose the best patio furniture? Begin with a function and a list. Think about how you expect your outdoor patio to function, whether it is as a dining area or simply a relaxing place to enjoy a cup of coffee and a book. After getting the clear functions, you can start to make a list of things you would like to have in it. Outdoor patio mostly consists of chairs and tables, sometimes with umbrella. If you wish to have a party or dinner in the patio, long picnic table will be suitable. However, if it will be functioned as a nook, small wooden chair with coffee table will be enough.

Have a try before purchasing one. This is another principle if you are buying wood patio furniture. Take a seat for a moment and feel it. Always remember that patio should serve you comfort, which means only comfortable furniture should be there. Do not buy any furniture—indoor or outdoor—only because you love how it looks. Sometimes the furniture with good looks does not offer that much comfort. Furthermore, think also about the maintenance. Does the furniture require regular or intensive maintenance? It is recommended not to purchase outdoor furniture that requires you to spend the time by maintaining them.

Things to Do to Keep Your Wood Patio Furniture Look New

After knowing how to wisely choose the best wooden furniture for patio, this is the time to find out how to maintain the furniture to look always new. It is quite obvious that the furniture will be placed outdoor—it means your furniture should stand with extreme weather changes. What can you do to keep it looks beautiful? There are actually several things to clean and maintain outdoor wooden furniture, especially teak. Even though this kind of wood is extremely durable and does not require too much maintenance, still it deserves your attention. Regular cleaning will be enough to protect its shine and prevent mildew build up. Gently rub the surface with mild soap and water—add vinegar if necessary—and you will make it just like new. Avoid using harsh fabric or metal brushes since it can scratch or even damage the surface of your furniture.

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The other maintenance for your teak patio furniture is oiling. This is a method to enhance the beauty of natural golden color that it has. Even though some people choose to leave the teak furniture gets its natural look, oiling will be a good treat. For outdoor furniture, oiling should be done more intensely than the outdoor furniture. You need to repeat this maintenance in 2-3 months for best result. What kind of oil is suitable for outdoor wood furniture? Tung oil and Linseed oil are more preferred by most professional. However, some also recommend special oil which is enhanced with additives such as mildew retardant and UV blockers. After all, you obviously need the best for your patio. Wood patio furniture serves all you need for comfort and functions as long as you know how to choose the best one and how to take care of it.

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