Selected of Concrete Patio Designs for Your Home

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When it comes to the home, most of homes usually have the patio which can be used for making the home more attractive. Nowadays, there are many types of patios which can be chosen and one of them is concrete patio. Talking about the concrete patio, this type of patio can deliver the great value for your home if you can place the patio well. Compared to the other types or design, concrete patio designs are known as the most economical design of patio which can be chosen if you want to make your patios attractive. Here are some designs of concrete patios which can be chosen.

Designs of Concrete Patio

Concrete Patio Decorating Ideas

When it comes to the concrete patio designs, there are some popular designs which can be chosen for those who want to have the own style of concrete patio. The designs are smooth finish, stamped concrete, concrete scoring or imprinting, and staining.

The first design of concrete patio which can be chosen is smooth finish design. If you want to have the great concrete patio, you can choose the smooth finish design. You can go with the design by making soft your concrete patio with acid etching or using sandblast.  The combination between acid etchings and sandblast can make the great and excellent patio floorings.

Besides that, another design of concrete patio which can be chosen is imprinting patio design. This design can be a perfect choice for those who want to have the customized design of concrete patio. Stones, bricks, tiles and wood belong to the materials which are used in this imprinting design. If you want to add permanent color in your concrete patio, you can do it before you pour it.  When it comes to the colors of concrete, you have a variety of colors which can be picked. However, choosing the natural colors can be the best choices for your concrete patio. Soft peach, beige, and medium gray can be the perfect colors which can be applied in your concrete patio. Your chosen colors can be added in the mixture in order to make the mixture of concrete permanent, everlasting, and smudge free.

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Besides that, you can also choose the staining design of concrete patio as your choice. The concrete staining belongs to one of the great techniques which can be used to make your wood surface or concrete appear like nice looking and brand new. Besides that this technique also gives the aged look which is similar to the natural rocks. In addition, the staining concrete is also helpful for making your concrete from the nature harness.  Stain coast needs to be applied periodically because the sunlight, rain, and the other natural conditions are going to lighten the colors of your patio.

Besides staining concrete, another design of concrete patio which can be chosen is scoring concrete.  This design belongs to one of the attractive design of concrete patio by creating a square pattern. When it comes to squares, they can be made in various sizes and shapes. You can start this concrete design by utilizing 18 up to 24 inches of pattern. You can merge together the construction joints into the design of concrete scoring in order to prevent the scoring concrete patio from rupturing. The process of this design blend well in the large landscape spans, such as swimming pool deck and patios.

The last but not least design of patio concrete is stamped concrete design. This also belongs to the attractive designs of concrete patios which can give you featured patio design. This concrete patter not only gives your easily accessible pattern but also gives you attractive design. In this design of concrete patio, you will involve pouring the slab concrete in your patio and impressing textures and designs before you dry your patio up.

Nowadays, most homeowners use the concrete to improve their homes and what makes these material ideals is combination of different textures, colors, and shapes.  Concrete patio designs can be the perfect choice as these designs delivers the resilient and easy-to-maintain designs for you patios. The designs of concrete patios will add the values of your home as well as the beauty of your homes.  If you want to make your patio attractive, just go with the designs of concrete patios.

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What to Deal with Stamped Concrete Patio Installation

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Mention patio and people will be excited to talk many things about it. Patio itself hides many aspects that are never boring to discuss, ranging from the installation process until the decoration. One that is interesting to talk about is the walkway or path. There are wide ranges of walkway choices for the patio, one of which is stamped concrete. This stamped concrete patio is able to serve you nice patio design to enjoy every precious moment in the morning or even at night. Just like the other flooring material, stamped concrete comes with benefits and drawbacks. If you are about to install this into your outdoor patio, these are what you need to know.

Pros and Cons of Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped concrete is kind of patio flooring material which is made using flexible and large polyurethane stamps to create the pattern. The stamps which are 2×2 feet with 1 inch of thickness are pressed into wet concrete to make the texture and pattern. This is why stamped concrete looks unique and more attractive. This also becomes a benefit of this patio walkway choice. Furthermore, you always have a choice to colour the concrete using colour agent to create grout line and crack. Compared to the other material, this stamped concrete is surely more attractive.

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The other good thing of stamped concrete patio is the low-maintenance feature. Over the time, the concrete will not settle and create uneven patio surface. This matters a lot since uneven surface may trigger many problems to the patio including your safety as well as the aesthetic value of it. Furthermore, this kind of concrete does not have grouts which possibly open to let the weeds and grass to grow. It means your patio will always look clean and weed-free.

Unfortunately, this stamped concrete also has drawbacks that should be taken into your consideration. There are several disadvantages noted for this patio flooring. Deep depression is noted as the first drawback of stamped concrete. Walkway made of concrete which is stamped has deep embossed pattern that probably endangers someone with disability or limited mobility. The texture and pattern may be too deep which somehow creates uneven surface. According to accessibility guideline released by ADA, the ridge or bumps on the walking surface shall not be more than a quarter inch high. To deal with this problem, you can adjust the deepness of emboss since the stamping process.

Another minus point for stamped concrete patio is because of the colour. In one hand, this colour becomes an advantage for its attractiveness. On the other hand, coloured concrete may also change over time. The flaking colorants cause dull appearance on the concrete patio itself. If you insist to colour up the concrete, you better mix the colorants while the concrete is being mixed. This will give you much more permanent solution even though the colour may also fade due to weather. Besides, no matter how well it resembles brick or stone, you will always notice its difference. This could be another drawback brought by this concrete patio flooring.

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Things That Affect Stamped Concrete Patio Cost Estimation

We are not going to tell you the concrete price estimation of installing concrete for your patio. Instead, we are about to help you find out some things that may cost you during the installation project. When installing the concrete for patio, there are several things that cost you a lot. The first is local material including the delivery service. Some service provider may give you additional charge based on the location. The other thing cost to consider is the worksite preparation. This includes protection to the materials and other components, especially if you are not doing the job at the time it arrives into your location. And don’t forget about the labour in case you do not have time to do it by yourself.

About the price of concrete itself, a stamped concrete ideally cost you about $10-$15 for each square foot. Compared to the other material, this kind of patio flooring is quite affordable. Let’s mention the brick that costs you up to $20 per square feet. Not to mention the stone or marble that costs you up to $28 per square feet. The plain stamped concrete patio that ranges from $6-$12 is surely a nice solution for your tight budget.

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