Creating Cozy Outdoor Lounge with Outside Table and Chairs

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It is interesting to create living space at outdoor. When indoor living space is too main stream, then outdoor living space could be the solution. To realize that idea you must require outside table and chairs to furnish your outdoor living space. The treatment for outdoor and indoor furniture should be different and so that the way to choose. You should consider some factors before decide to buy outdoor chairs and outdoor tables. From many factors, they can be generalized into three factors. These are those; the material, shape, and size.

Why Material of Outside Table and Chairs is Important?

You might ask why the material is so important to be considered. Here I am going to explain. Basically, indoor and outdoor furniture have the same function. The different is only the placement. It is safer for indoor living space furniture because they are protected inside the house. They never get contamination from all things that make them be more reduced. It is normal to see indoor living furniture more durable than outdoor. It may still look good for ten to twenty years. Outside table and chairs have different condition. It gets more risk for sure, because placed outdoor.

Patio Table And Chair Covers Rectangular

In order to make outdoor living space look pretty with the furniture, you should consider the quality of furniture. It must be related to the material used to make it. There are some materials used to make outdoor furniture like chair and table, such as aluminium, metal, stone, and wood. Each material has different characteristic of course. Aluminium is lighter than metal and it is appropriate for you who like a simplicity. It is durable enough from outdoor weather. To keep it longer, you can move it into inside your home or somewhere that safe when bad weather come on the sky. It is easy because aluminium material is lightweight.

Metal must be the strongest and most durable rather than others material. But, everybody knows that metal is heavy. So, it is difficult to move it. Don’t worry about that because metal is durable. Some people say that outside table and chairs made from metal look dull and bored. To trick that problem you can improvise to beautify them. Adding pillows on the chairs, flowers on the table and using marble or granite table top can enhance the beauty of the furniture without reduce the resistance to the outdoor condition. Stone material may good for you who like to design rustic outdoor living space design. Stone is more natural than others. So it will bring ancient live in prehistoric era.

Wooden Outside Table and Chairs for Best Idea

If you want to combine those functions and benefits into one, maybe you should consider wooden outdoor furniture. Wood material contains of both aesthetic and durability at the same time. Surely, you must choose good quality of wood. There are many of them such as mahogany and teak. Those kinds of wood are known as the best quality wood in the world. It is durable enough for outdoor furniture and it can resist at totally outdoor for minimum ten years. Wood also brings aesthetics by its appearance. The natural colour of wood is good enough to refuse chemical paint which been used to paint metal and aluminium furniture.

Outdoor Table And Chairs Metal

Moreover, wooden furniture is also available in some shapes and types. It makes people easy to choose because plenty of options are offered. It also means when you want improvise with your own ideas in designing and decorating backyard, wooden outside table and chairs can offer some things that others furniture material cannot do. In modern outdoor living space design for example, you can use round wooden table with four wooden high chairs around it. A wooden bench will look enchanting too. It is able to blend with the nature. Except the style, wooden furniture is easy to repair. When you get your outdoor furniture in broken, repairing it by yourself could be easier if the furniture is made from wood. Those plenty of benefits can be gotten by only wooden material. So that the wood brings high cost too. If you want to apply it to your outdoor living space, you may provider higher cost rather than the money you spend to buy furniture from other materials.

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Perfect Patio Table and Chair Covers

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They are Patio Table and Chair Covers. Patio is type of furniture which is so simple. If it is on the chair version, it does not have any detail such as armrest, apron, and backboard. Similarly, if it is on the table version, it is only have three elements. They are the base, the connector, and the surface. Uniquely, the surface is shaped with different styles: oval, square, round, and rectangular. Foremost, the favorite one is the square shape. This is claimed the most efficient form because it a clear side for the chairs.

Selecting Table and specification

Garden Table And Chairs Wrought Iron

This is the combination of natural substance and the iron. This can be seen that the frame is used the solid iron in order that the table has a shape. Then, it is wrapped with the wicker or rattan. They are managed with detail plait patterns and they are painted with the brown natural color. This emphasizes the natural degree from the substance.

Overall, the shape is square with three different sizes representing their functions as essential elements. First, it is the base part which is functioned to keep the table steady. Second, it is the body of the table which connects the base and the surface plate. This is also made of the same material with the base. The last, the plate uses the hardwood which is covered with the water proof paint. In fact, the dirt such as oil, sauce, and etc., will be easy to remove. All of them are glued with the special nails and the glue so tied.

To maintain this item, it is quite easy to take care. This can be washed with the soap and water. After that, it is getting dried around one hour. This maintenance is useful to remove the mold or toadstool and insects. They can ruin the plait of the rattan. Overall, patio Table dimension is 31 inches H x 40 inches L x 40 inches W and the weight is 67 lbs. Specifically, the base part is 29 inches H x 24 inches L x 24 inches L. With that measure, it is really possible to put four identical substance chairs in every side of the chair.

Patio Furniture Covers Home Depot

This can be purchased after saving cash $399.99. That cost has already included with one year warranty if there is some damages, peeled, or any loose nails and some problems regarding to the complaint list. Mostly, this table is recommended to be the outdoor furniture. Hence, the weight is not really heavy. In fact, this can be saved in the warehouse or attic and wrap this with the fabric. To make it simple, the combinations of Patio Table and Chair Covers is really useful to prevent any problem for the items.

The cover for the chair

It is Chair Cover. Based on its size, it can warp other versions. One of them is in the square form. This has a price tag in $49.99 with the free shipping service. However, the manufacture does not give any recommendation for further complaint in this item. By purchasing this item, the benefits will follow.

(1) This can moderate the weather conditions.

(2) The perfect design will prevent the dash, dirt, sun, mild snow, and rain.

(3) It is fits to keep outdoor furniture from the moisture.

(4) This helps to eliminate the condensation which potentially damages the furniture.

Based on its features, the material is build up from different substance suits with the weather condition. As an example is a cover series to tackle the harsher weather. The fabric is purposed with the water resistant. This will prevent the moisture living there. At the same time, it is equipped with the tie-down secure.

This has a dimension that suits for bench in 32 inches H x 76 inches W x 76 inches D with 3 lb for overall weight. In addition, there is a tip to choose Patio Table and Chair Covers. For the table, the wood material is the weak one. This is easy to crack if we take the crossing legs or the portable type. For the cover, having parasite fabric might be the fragile substance. This is too thin to prevent the dash.

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