Outdoor Fire Tables for Sparkling Comfortable Warmth

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Outdoor living space like backyard deck or patio is usually completed by fireplace. Maybe there are not all, buy many. Outdoor fireplace is useful to warm the deck and patio area when the weather is cold. Along by the walk of time, outdoor fireplace or people also know as fire pit have had some modifications. Some latest designs offer portable fire pit which is easy to move. They are also known as outdoor fire tables. It helps people to get an outdoor warming solution without a big and high costing fireplace. Offering its ergonomic design, the portable fire pit is now liked by most of people.

In order to avoid the monotonous and bareness, they modify the designs of the fire table. They create some ideas of outdoor fire tables, such as modern design, contemporary design, simple minimalist design, etc. Now people don’t need to worry about cold weather at their patio because of this table. They still can sit on the patio with friends and family to enjoy diner of just taking chat without fear of coldness. You don’t need to cost much of money to buy this kind of outdoor furniture because the price if relatively affordable. It is in the same price range with usual wooden or aluminium table.

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Designs of Outdoor Fire Tables

As I said above, there are many designs of outdoor fire pit, especially the portable design. Modern design is commonly chosen by homeowners because it is simple and ergonomic. Usually, modern fire table is portable. It can be moved easily. This fire table design is commonly made from wood and fibre materials. Those materials are light so you can move it when you need with no need a lot of energy. The shape is varied. That is the reason why the modern fire table is mostly wanted by people. You can find in the shop square shape fire table, rectangular fire table, octagon shape and more.

On the other hand, there is also traditional design of fire table. Usually, this design is classic and monotonous. Even it is permanently built-in to the patio. Because of that, the traditional outdoor fire tables are rarely chosen by people. But, it doesn’t mean permanent design of fire table has no advantages. This is for sure; permanent fire table is designed to endure in outdoor weather. So, they make it stronger than the portable design. Usually, the table is made from stone. It could be travertine stone, granite, or even the elegant marble. The shape of permanent fire table is not different with the portable. It has many shapes and size too. It is used to accommodate different size of patio owned by consumers.

Ethanol-fuelled Outdoor Fire Tables

At past, fireplace used logs as the fuel to make the fire. It is not efficient and also it is not relevant for today as green campaign is suggest reducing the use of wood for better earth environment in the future. The solution is using other source to make the fire in the fire pit. They use ethanol for then. Almost all of the modern Outdoor Fire Tables use ethanol as the fuel. Besides of its efficiency, the fire is better and more beauty. Moreover, ethanol fuel doesn’t produce smoke as much as produced by logs. So, the smoke is not the disturber anymore for your quality time.

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The ethanol-fuelled fire table is usually covered by glass to protect people sit around it. Except give the protection, using glass as the fire pit cover can also beautify the look of the table itself. Moreover, the glass ‘wall’ also protects the fire from wind. In modern design of outdoor fire tables, this glass cover is almost found in every fire table using ethanol fuel. Actually, this kind of fire pit can also be used indoor besides outdoor. It is because portable fire pit can be move around easily. Using ethanol fuel that doesn’t produce much of smoke makes this fire table is save to use in your indoor living space. It means you don’t need to buy two fire tables for indoor and outdoor except you need both of them to on in the same time. That is budget friendly furniture.

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