Designing Patio Screen Enclosure with Easy

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Do you want to have a screen enclosure in your patio? Nowadays, the use of patio screen enclosure is getting popular since it can be used for giving the additional protection for your home. Besides used as the home protection, the screen in patio is also used as a method to extend the living space for the home. When you want to use the screen enclosure, you need to have the exact design and planning about the availability of the spaces and the materials which will be used. When it comes to the design of the screen enclosure in patio, here are some tips which can be considered.

Tips in Designing Screen Enclosure in Patio

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The first tip which can be considered if you want to have the screen enclosure in your patio is considering the availability of spaces. When it comes to the screen enclosure, it often begins as a covered patio which is adjacent to your home. This area belongs to the great and excellent places for outside entertaining and activities. You also need to evaluate the current state of porch area if the existing porch area is used as the project foundation.  When it comes to the space availability, you should have the inspection including support pillars, current covering, and foundation. All you do before covering your porch area with screen measures the area.

The second tip which can be considered when you want to use the screen enclosure in your patio is having the building permit.  In some particular areas, building permit is a need for those who want to attach the additional building or room in their homes.  Before you start processing in covering your porch area with the screen enclosure, you should obtain the information whether you need to have a permit or not.  This is also very crucial if you have no permit but actually your local governments have the permit regarding to attaching additional building and rooms.

The third tip which can be taken if you want to cover your patio with the screen is choosing the proper and appropriate structure of screen enclosure. Before it, you should also take into consideration whether the covered porch area will be used as relaxed area or it will also be used as the children playroom. Besides that, you also take into consideration that the screen enclosure is used for the certain period or throughout the year. Do you want to also install flooring? Using windows or doors? All of the conditions should be decided in advanced.

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The fourth tip which can be considered when you want to have the patio screen enclosure is deciding the materials that will be used. When it comes to the screen enclosure in patio, there are several materials which should be prepared. You have to choose the materials which have the high quality and affordable. Commonly, most people use the lightweight screen fabrics and PVC pipes to construct the screen enclosure in their patio. However, those materials seem not durable. If you want to have the durable screen enclosure in your porch areas, you can add walls which are also added with the windows and doors.

The last but not least tip which can be conducted when you want to have the screen enclosure in your patio is choosing the best finish. Floor coverings, furnishings, plumbing fixtures, and wall coverings belong to the examples of finishing regarding screen enclosure in your patio.  If you want to build the permanent screen enclosure, you may choose the finish allow you to have the easy-to-maintain and long-lasting screen. For example, you can choose the flooring finish which is waterproof and easy to clean due to the weather and dirty.

Advantages of Screen Enclosure

After following the tips above, you have already made the great patio screen enclosure. The screen will give you many advantages. You will get the pleasing improvement in your home which offers the protection for your home. Besides that, your home, especially your porch area will be free from insects like: mosquitoes, wasps, hornets, horseflies and the other insects which can make your family damaged. In addition, covering your porch area with the screen also minimize the harmful UV rays which will lead to the bad health problems.

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