Garden Decking Ideas Designs

Garden Decking Ideas Designs

One part of the house providing amusing outdoor entertainment should be backyard deck. People use it to spend their spare time outside the house, to enjoy the evening and even taking intimation with family by diner. It means everyone must find the best backyard deck designs for them. Today, people are easy to find inspiration of deck design as plenty of home designer release their newest design for every day. This must provide great option for people who consume it. Here I will tell you about some awesome designs of backyard deck.

Open Backyard Deck Designs

There are two deck designs in general. They are open deck and close deck. Both have different purpose and also different treatment. First I am going to tell about open deck design. This one is perfect for you who want to enhance natural side of the deck. An opened deck provides better air circulation for sure. Surrounded by vegetation’s in your backyard, open backyard deck designs also show beautiful panoramic view around the deck. But, you must know the negatives of this kind of deck design. Surely, open deck cannot be used in bad weather like heavy rain or snow. So, you should withdraw your dream to enjoy the rain falls from this deck design.

There are many styles of open deck. Raised deck design is one of the ideas of open deck. You can make the deck higher than the garden around it. This design of backyard deck can provide ample room for sit. Higher position can also offer better angel of view. So, you can enjoy the backyard landscape from the deck. You can decorate it by using flowers and trees. It adds the natural ambiance in the deck.  Wooden outdoor furniture might be required for this one. Don’t forget about the lighting. Although it is open and outdoor, lighting appliance is able to beautify the deck especially in the evening and the night.

There are also other backyard deck designs like low height backyard deck. Actually, the basic idea of low backyard deck is same to the raised deck design. It is separated from or even become the center or the backyard garden. You can also enjoy fresh air and beautiful landscape view from the backyard. Applying low-height backyard deck could reduce your budget. It is because you only require less upstairs rather than the higher deck design.

Closed Backyard Deck Designs

In the other hand, deck can also be made in closed design. It means the deck outside the main house is bordered by wall. It offers different function and maybe different sensation for everyone who apply. The main concern of building bordered deck or closed deck is to protect the homeowners from bad weather that may happen randomly. It can be said that build the closed deck design is making comfortable for any condition such as rain, snow, cold, and hot weather. That is the advantage of closed deck design. Furniture fulfilled the deck can also be more durable. It is because they are not affected by extreme weather directly. In other words, they are untouchable by outdoor weather.

Besides the benefit, closed backyard deck designs may also bring disadvantages. Surely, in a closed deck, you cannot interact to the environment at the backyard like garden with many plants and flowers. The air circulation is also not as good as open design. The circulation will be blocked by the wall or border enclosing the deck, obviously. But, it doesn’t mean that closed deck design is totally bad. Designers had been found the solution to solve this problem. To add natural sensation or to bring the nature into the deck, they use glass wall to enclose the deck. It seems like aquarium in big size. So, people can feel natural sensation as well as at the open deck.

Windows can be added onto the wall to create good air circulation in the closed deck. All things can do to make a closed deck comfortable without reduce outdoor feel and natural sensation. The backyard deck designs can be vary.  You can make it curved, circled, or squared. It depends on your need. If you have large space, circular or curve shape deck will be good to apply.

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